Digital Marketing – Office Materials and Stationery

Digital Competence Index (DCI) Office Materials and Stationery Q1 2017

Seven of the 20 brands examined represent 80% of the traffic in this category (location: Germany). The share of mobile device traffic is quite high in the category (42%) – however, it varies significantly between the brands. This is partly due to the fact that 11 of the 20 pages are not optimised for mobile devices. The traffic generated in the category comes predominantly from direct URL input or organic search.

Only a few (five) brands offer their products in a B2C shop. It is interesting that even within the same market segment, only some of the brands profit from the Christmas season. However, these brands are at peak level during the Christmas season in terms of mobile and desktop traffic – at times 4-5 times higher than in November or January.

Drivers: Direct Traffic (è draw on the market) as well as referrals (especially websites with strong Christmas material).

Social Media: some benchmark brands use social media in a very professional manner, invest within reachable areas and enjoy good interaction with the users reached through the “right” posts (concerning content and timing).


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