Digital Marketing – Small Domestic Appliances

Digital Competence Index (DCI) Q1 2017

Of all 33 brands in the category, the top brand achieves 74% of the traffic (location: Germany). The most important traffic sources are direct traffic and organic search. The share of mobile traffic for this brand is very high at 83% (average in this category: 42%). Even if you take into account the high bounce rate of this brand’s mobile visitors at 81%, there are more net users, or even mobile users alone, than the three next-biggest brand’s gross numbers for mobile and desktop.

The traffic in this category ­­is fairly constant over the months, so there are no pronounced peaks at Christmas or the International Radio Exhibition.

15% of the brands do not have a web presence suitable for mobile devices. Social media is also not used as a performance channel in this category; the users reached (46% of the category’s Facebook posts are sponsored, thus coverage is achieved by budget) remain largely on the relevant platform; only about 1% of the category’s traffic comes from the social media channel.


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